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The exhibition in 2018 is a reflection of furniture culture international event. Over 200 exhibitions from France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, USA, Denmark and China carried their products have participated in this event. The total exhibition area reached 12000 Sqm. With comparison to the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors are all the best. In order to accord with the convenience of visitors and more in line with the exhibits characteristics, we had created several function pavilions such as: Western antique furniture pavilion, Chinese antiques & curios pavilion, traditional red wood pavilion and Aquilaria and Incense Culture pavillion, etc.


In Chinese antique furniture pavilion, there were about 200 exhibitors from 16 Provinces of China and famous brand and leading companies in red wood furniture industry had attend it. In antiques and curios pavilion, first time it attracted a large number of personal collectors, auction houses and antique enthusiasts to participated in. This fair was a field of communication between craft owners as this platform gave ample of opportunities for display of their treasured products. This exhibition is also to further expand the“European Antique and Arts Area” to nearly 1000Sqm, and attracted more European Antique Furniture Companies and Brands. They brought in not only their Century 18/19 antique furniture & arts, but also symbolization of national tradition and cultures to China.

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